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10 Eid Gift Basket Ideas for kids

10 Eid Gift Basket Ideas for kids

Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and everyone looks forward to dressing in their finest, going for Eid salah, feasting and spending quality time with family and friends. But kids most of all look forward to receiving gifts!


Yes receiving gifts in a gift bag or wrapped in pretty gift wrap is always amazing but how about getting a few favorite products and adding them to an EID BASKET! The idea behind it is to make Eid an amazing and fun experience for kids.


Here are some of the suggestions on what to include in your child's Ramadan basket and hopefully make it a memorable experience for them!


1. The Basket:  The Eid Gift Basket! A perfect place to collect all the gifts and add to it. 

2. A Prayer Mat : Lets keep those habits and practicing going after Ramadan. And what better gift than the gift of Salah. 

3. A Game: The Zileej Five Pillars Games are a great addition to the Eid basket which the entire family will love! They come in two age ranges- A junior version and a Pillars version. There is also the fun box!
4. Islamic Cookie Cutters:  What a fun activity to do with kids on Eid and make delicious cookies in these adorable shapes. Share with friends and family near and far!
Islamic Cookie Cutters
5. Activity Books: Activity books are another great addition to the kid's Eid basket. Each of the books have activities that the kids can do daily while learning about our deen and its importance. 
6. Quran Cube Pillow or My Dua Pillow: Both of these are great additions to your child's Ramadan basket. They play duas, selected surahs from the Quran, nasheed and more. A perfect gift to accompany your child.
Quran Cube Pillow        My Dua Pillow
7. Books Books And More Books:  Ramadan books always make great additions to the Ramadan basket. with so many to choose from, add one or more and read throughout the month!
30 Hadith for kids      
9. Pillars of Islam Tabletop Set: This would make such a fun addition to the Eid gift baskets. They are colorful and created in hopes of children reading, learning, and remembering the foundation of our faith, while eating. 

10. Kid friendly Eid decoration: Kids get super excited when they are involved. Decorating the home for Eid is such a fun way to spend some time with kids and involve them. Whether it is store bought, or home made, take steps to include the children in the process. 

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