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10 Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

10 Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

How do you make Ramadan special for kids when they don't see Ramadan being celebrated the way Christmas or even Valentine's is? When they see all the decorated windows and homes during the holidays, yet when it comes to Ramadan and Eid the celebrations seem muted, quiet, unknown to many. 


For the last few years the idea of a Welcome Ramadan Basket for kids has been trending. The idea behind it is to make Ramadan an amazing and fun experience for kids who otherwise do not see it. 


Here are some of the suggestions on what to include in your child's Ramadan basket and hopefully make it a memorable experience for them!


1. The Basket: Coz lets be honest, you need this basket to make the Ramadan Gift Basket! 

2. My Salah Mat : My Salah Mat is a Kids Prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. The interactive prayer mat is touch sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more. 
My Salah Mat
3. Countdown Calendar: This is a great addition as kids love counting down the days of Ramadan all the way to Eid. Each pocket can hold a small treat or a good deed note for kids to enjoy daily. 
Ramadan Advent Countdown Calendar
4. Islamic Cookie Cutters: Spend the Ramadan days with kids and make delicious cookies in these adorable shapes. Share with friends and family near and far!
Islamic Cookie Cutters
5. Activity Books: Ramadan activity books are another great addition to the kid's Ramadan basket. Each of the books have activities that the kids can do daily while learning about Ramadan and its importance. 
Ramadan Activity Book                              Ramadan Activity Book
30 Days of Ramadan Coloring Book                         Children's Ramadan Journal
6. Quran Cube Pillow or My Dua Pillow: Both of these are great additions to your child's Ramadan basket. They play duas, selected surahs from the Quran, nasheed and more. A perfect gift to accompany your child throughout Ramadan and beyond. 
Quran Cube Pillow        My Dua Pillow
7. Books Books And More Books:  Ramadan books always make great additions to the Ramadan basket. with so many to choose from, add one or more and read throughout the month!
30 Hadith for kids      Ramadan Around The World
8. Dua Journal/ Quran Journal/ Ramadan Legacy Journal: A journal brings so much clarity to the month. When you are trying to achieve spiritual high, the journals help keep track,  write the duas, and note progress and help with improved learning. 
Ramadan Legacy Journal       The Dua Journal
9. Placemats: This would make such a fun addition to the Ramadan gift baskets. Some are colorful, some can be written on and come with duas, some come with markets for the kids to color and draw and all are reusable! 
Islamic Placemat         Ramadan Placemat
Ramadan Mubarak Placemat       Ramadan Kareem Placemat
10. Kid friendly Ramadan decoration: Kids get super excited when they are involved. Decorating the home for a blessed month of Ramadan can just get the kids in the groove of things. Whether it is store bought, or home made, take steps to include the children in the process. 

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