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Celebrating Kids Birthday the Happy Street Way!

Celebrating Kids Birthday the Happy Street Way!

Kids, they grow up so fast. Life seems like it is in the fast lane when it comes to kids. From baby shower to the first birthday and on to full-on celebrations, all seems like just yesterday. Each passing year and celebration reminds you of how big they are getting and tests your creative capacity.

As a family, we do not do a big celebration every year. Instead, we choose to celebrate every couple of years or for milestone birthdays. In between are quieter celebrations at home with a dinner and some cake and gifts.

This year was one of the years we did host a party. It also turned into a nice get together with friends one last time before summer officially ended (both kids birthdays are just before school starts). 

The Set Up

We kept the decoration simple and elegant, and the kids were all for it. It was a hot day and given the chance of rain, we hosted the party in a tent in the backyard. Lots of fans were needed to keep the place cool!

The tent was lit up with lights and paper lanterns and decorated with bunting and balloons.



Games and Entertainment

We had lots of fun activities planned for the kids. The highlight for the evening was the magic show. Chicago's best Scott Green entertained the kids and all were pretty much stumped with his tricks! The most fun for the kids was playing soccer. Other games like bean toss, guess the gummies in the jar and cup stacking were great hits!



The Close

The weather turned out great even though there was a threat of rain. The Islamic Reminder pencils in the favor bags along with the chocolate tractors were great fun to make and give.  In the end, there was food, games, entertainment for the kids and best of all the company of amazing friends.


Until next time!



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