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The Ali Series
The Ali Series
The Ali Series

The Ali Series

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Join 9-year-old Ali and his best friend Bear as they navigate through life's many hair-raising and often hilarious misadventures. From an epic gladiator battle to saving a mischievous baby gibbon's life, the Ali Series explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and bravery.

"These books will be enjoyed by children of all backgrounds and represent a positive contribution in diverse literature." - Rukhsana Khan, Best-selling author of The Big Red Lollipop

"Readers will cheer for Ali and his big-hearted adventures!" - Victoria Jamieson, National Book Award finalist co-author of When Stars are Scattered

Included in this box set:

Ali and the Gladiators: Ali wants nothing more than to impress his teacher Mr. O'Reilly with the most amazing project on Rome. Who would want a boring written report when a real live battle with trained gladiators was an option? Bear tries to warn him, but when it comes to Ali's imagination, there is little anyone can say to change his mind. Let's just hope Cheeto the "ferocious" cat makes it out in one piece!

Ali and the Eid Goat: Ali really, REALLY wants a pet. When his parents tell him they will be visiting their family in Pakistan AND he can pick out their Eid goat, Ali is over the moon. Join him as he falls in love with Pakistan, meets his cousins, and learns to speak Goat. How much trouble can a nine-year-old really get into in a whole other country?

Ali and the Zoo Escape: Ali and Bear are going on a class trip to Riverrun Central Zoo. They start the day excited to see their favorite animals. Even with Mr. O'Reilly closely watching them, trouble follows in a BIG way. It doesn't help that Julie Patterson knows what they've done and is threatening to tell on them. Will the day end in disaster or will they be saved by an unexpected friend?

Ali and the Alps: Bear joins Ali and his father on an exciting trip to the Alps. While there, they make a new friend, Peter, who is a real-life shepherd! The boys learn to herd sheep and eat tons of delicious sheep-milk ice cream. Surrounded by majestic mountains and rolling green hills, the boys still manage to find themselves in a dangerous new adventure!

Ali and the Invention Convention: An Invention Convention is coming to Ali's school. Everyone, especially Ali, is hoping to win one of three amazing prizes for inventing something spectacular. But for the first time ever, Ali and Bear get into an argument and Ali's left to invent something all on his own. Will their friendship survive? And will Ali be able to win the convention without Bear's help?

Ages 8+

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