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My Friend the Alien

My Friend the Alien

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A thought-provoking comedy about being an alien from prize-winning Zanib Mian.

Maxx is an alien: a real one - from the planet Zerg. He's on Earth to research these strange things called emotions that humans have (and eat as much chocolate as he can). But some of the humans seem to think Maxx's new human friend Jibreel is an alien too, and Maxx just can't figure it out. Why would coming from another country make you an alien?!

This funny science-fiction story is a perfect way to tackle difficult topics like racism and refugees with children. It has hilarious black-and-white illustrations from TBC throughout, and is ideal for children who are developing as readers.

For Ages 7+

By: Zanib Mian
Illustrator: Sernur Isik

Format: Paperback


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